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Ecuron is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization - CMMC-RPO

CMMC 2.0 Is Coming.
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We deliver effective cyber security solutions for our clients, to ensure a return on their investment by minimizing exposure to cyber threats.

George Kiersted

Founder & CEO of Ecuron

Cyber Protection

We help companies like yours ensure that information you handle, store, and depend on is secure.
Information – your proprietary information, the client information you hold – is a vital business asset.

Cyber Development

We will help you develop, implement and maintain technical and organizational security to allow you to operate securely and to achieve appropriate certification and regulatory compliance.

Leverage Our Expertise in Cyber & Information Security to Protect your Business Assets

From our Houston TX Headquarters we work with clients around the world, providing cybersecurity consulting services to mitigate cybersecurity risk. We devise innovative cybersecurity solutions that harness technology, personnel, and procedures for a holistic approach to Cybersecurity.

We work with the security intelligence community to facilitate federal cyber security and international standards. If you are looking for an Information and Cyber Consulting Service Provider, you have come to the right place.

Our Services

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis Explained

Cybersecurity GAP Analysis

Take the first step towards more information and cybersecurity:
Receive a thorough analysis of the current status of your company and recommendations on how and what to improve.

CMMC Gap Analysis by CMMC-RPO Ecuron

CMMC Gap Analysis

Take the first step to CMMC compliance: get a thorough analysis of your status as it relates to the CMMC Level you need to achieve. The results will provide you with a clear and efficient roadmap to your certification.

CMMC implementation help by CMMC-RPO Ecuron

CMMC Implementation

We help you remediate any existing gaps identified in the first step by implementing suitable controls, developing & writing custom documentation required etc. We work hand in hand with your internal or external IT team.

CMMC Pre-Assessment by CMMC-RPO Ecuron

CMMC Pre-Assessment

Think of it as a mock audit. Our CMMC compliance experts will conduct an on-location pre-assessment. The goal is not just to verify implementation but also to prove the maturity of the CMMC implementation.

NIST 800-171 Compliance Consulting

NIST SP 800-171


Our NIST SP 800-171 Assessment & Consulting services reduce the time and resources needed for you to comply with DFARS rules and NIST SP 800-171.

ISO 27001 Consulting

ISO 27001

Certifications do more than prove success – they create success. An ISO 27001 certification helps to build trust with stakeholders and potential customers.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) cybersecurity assessment report results discussion

Mergers & Acquisitions  Cybersecurity Assessment

A false sense of security is a dangerous situation to be in. Our assessment provides executives with comprehensive cybersecurity risk related information on which to base their M&A decisions.

third party vendor risk assessment and management

3rd Party / Vendor

Risk Assessment

Have confidence your vendors and other third parties are handling information security to your standards and requirements. Prove to current and prospective clients their information is safe.

Outsourced Cybersecurity Team - virtual CISO (VCISO)


Cybersecurity Team

Take advantage of our experienced team of information security & cyber experts. Ideal for clients who need Information Security resources, but the cost of an in-house team is prohibitive.

Basic Cybersecurity


You realize the importance of cybersecurity but do not need any certifications? We can help you implement the basics – best practices and a good security foundation for your company.

Current Cost of a Data Breach

Average Cost of a Data Breach worldwide:

$ 4.24 million

Average Cost of a Data Breach in the USA:

$ 9.05 million

Average Cost per Record:

$161 ($181 for PII)

What's Your Number?

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