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    We help companies like yours ensure that information you handle, store, and depend on is secure. Information – your proprietary information, the client information you hold – is a vital business asset. Losing control of it can be devastating to reputation and financially costly. It is vital to operate in a secure manner and to demonstrate this to your clients and the public through certification.

    We will help you develop, implement and maintain technical and organizational security to allow you to operate securely and to achieve appropriate certification and regulatory compliance.


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    In conversations as a cyber security professionals we have had many discussions about different types of attacks – from SQL Injection attacks to password brute forcing and everything in between. Yet, there seems to be one type that causes more questions than most: “Man in the Middle” (MITM) attacks. Let’s clear up some of the […]

    Houston Transformational Cyber Summit

    Ecuron will be at the Transformational Cyber Summit August 28th 2019. The Transformational Cyber Summit is designed for business owners to learn how to protect and strengthen their business with proactive cybersecurity tools and resources. The Summit provides practical frameworks on keeping your business safe before a disaster, maintain continuity during a disaster and recover […]

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    Cybersecurity Risks in The Healthcare Sector

    The healthcare industry is under attack for a reason. Cybercriminals view it as a place that’s ripe for “big wins,” and the number of large healthcare institutions recently falling victim to data breaches shows they’re having success. But what exactly makes healthcare such a popular target among today’s cyber-criminal community – how big are cybersecurity […]