Vulnerability Scanning vs Penetration Testing: Part 3

This is the last article in a three part series on vulnerability scanning vs penetration testing. In the first article we discussed the differences between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing and in the second article we went over the three main methodologies used when performing a penetration test. With this final article we would like […]

Cybersecurity Risks in The Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is under attack for a reason. Cybercriminals view it as a place that’s ripe for “big wins,” and the number of large healthcare institutions recently falling victim to data breaches shows they’re having success. But what exactly makes healthcare such a popular target among today’s cyber-criminal community – how big are cybersecurity […]

Vulnerability Scanning vs Penetration Testing: Part 2

After the explanation of the differences between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing in part 1 of this short series you recognize that your organization needs a penetration test. Next step is to determine what type of penetration testing exactly is required. Do you need a web application or a network penetration test? Should it be […]

Vulnerability Scans vs. Penetration Testing: Part 1

Penetration testing and vulnerability scans are required more and more often. Whether part of an internal effort to ensure compliance with standards such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC, NIST, and ISO27001, or as a requirement by a client or potential client as specified in a contract, your organization may be called upon to conduct vulnerability scans […]

Simple Cybersecurity Hygiene

When on the job at a corporate office or government agency, or even when you are working from a local coffee shop, restaurant, or home office, your organization’s online safety and security is a responsibility shared by all. However, as mobile computing, especially using bring your own device (BYOD), becomes more common, the potential for […]

Securing IoT in your Infrastructure

The fast deployment of IoT devices has had a significant and long-lasting impact on the security of today’s developing network. BYOD, the first significant infusion of IoT devices begun over a decade, was fixated mainly on user-owned devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Even then, as system administrators began to struggle with ways to […]