​​​​CMMC Certification Process and Timeline

Each implementation and certification is different as it depends on a variety of parameters that determine timeline and cost. Among the main factors are:

  • CMMC Level required.
  • Existing infrastructure and cybersecurity posture of the DoD contractor
  • Number of locations in scope
  • Availability of the C3PAO to perform the Certification Assessment.

While timing is influenced by these factors, the following general example of the CMMC certification process will give  you a good overall idea about the steps involved and some time estimates. 


Pre-Certification Phase

2 weeks with 2-3 days on location

CMMC Gap Analysis

Identify business objective

Perform Gap Analysis: Current State vs. Requirements.
Some items evaluated include:

  • Internal structures
  • Controls and processes
  • Documentation
  • Physical Security



We work with the organization to implement CMMC requirements. This includes:

  • Development of missing documentation
  • Implementation of required controls
  • Identification and management of risk (Level 3 and up)
  • Fix any other gaps revealed during the analysis phase.

The time required for this phase usually ranges from 6-8 weeks (CMMC Level 1) to 6-12 months (CMMC Level 3-5) although this is highly dependent upon the organization and its existing information security posture.

Observation / State of Readiness

Observation / State of Readiness

All CMMC Levels higher than 1 require proof of maturity of the system. Hence, after the implementation phase there will be time required to generate appropriate log files and other proof that the required controls are not just implemented but are monitored and working. Typically, this phase takes several weeks to a couple of months.

This phase is also used to make adjustments as needed and refine procedures.

Once evidence is available, we perform a Pre-Assessment Readiness Review. Any issues that surface are evaluated and remediated as needed until you are ready for the final CMMC Certification Assessment by a C3PAO.
Alternatively, you can have a CMMC Pre-Assessment performed by a C3PAO. One major difference would be, that the C3PAO could not help you fix any issues that surface as it would constitute a conflict of interest.

Certification Phase

~1 week

Certification Assessment

The Certification Assessment will be performed by a Certified 3rd Party Organization (C3POA) of your choice. We help preparing by gathering and organizing the evidence and will be on site to defend the evidence and assist with any questions that might come up.

The C3PAO will report it findings to the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) which will award you the certification.


Stay Compliant

Stay Up To Date



Ecuron is a CMMC Registered Provider OrganizationDue to our status as a CMMC Registered Provider Organization™ (CMMC-RPO), Ecuron can perform pre-assessment services which include CMMC gap analysis, implementation help, CMMC pre-assessments. We do not conduct the final Certified Assessments.

Depending on your current cybersecurity status as well as the CMMC Level you are required to achieve, implementation of the new standard will take several months. Starting now by implementing the likely requirements and cyber security best practices will save you valuable time and will get you ahead of the curve and competition.

We offer the following CMMC Services:

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