​​​​CMMC Gap Analysis / CMMC Gap Assessment

Ecuron is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization

Due to our status as a CMMC Registered Provider Organization™ (CMMC-RPO), Ecuron can perform pre-assessment services which include CMMC Gap Assessments (also called CMMC Gap Analysis), help with remediation and implementation, and CMMC Pre-Assessments. We do not conduct the final Certification Assessments.


CMMC Gap Analysis

Depending on your organization’s current level of cybersecurity compliance and which CMMC level you are required to achieve, implementing the CMMC can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

But no matter your starting point, to have a clear and efficient path forward, the very first step has to be a deep and honest look at the current status of your organizations cybersecurity. Our  CMMC Gap Assessment does exactly this: by performing a thorough analysis it determines the differences between the current status and CMMC requirements based on the CMMC Level you want to achieve. Fundamentally, this CMMC Gap Analysis is not different from the Cybersecurity Gap Analysis we perform against any of the other current national or international cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST 800-171, ISO 27001 etc.

CMMC Gap Analysis as the first step in becoming certified

Without a CMMC Gap Assessment, it’s impossible to know what changes your organization needs to make before it meets compliance to the required CMMC Level. The result of this CMMC Gap Analysis as the first step and our report will provide you with a roadmap with the best course of action – on how the get you in line with CMMC requirements, how to get and keep your organization CMMC compliant.

For a general overview of the CMMC certification process and rough time estimates see this flowchart.

What to  expect from a CMMC Gap Analysis

CMMC Gap Analysis ( CMMC Readiness Assessment) - mind the gapOur cyber security specialist will be on-site for 3 days to interview key managers and analyze your existing information security posture. After our on-site visit you will receive a CMMC gap analysis report collating the findings of these investigations against the CMMC Level requirements. Not only will this report give you clarity about your organization’s current standing and details areas that will need your attention before a certification audit, it will provide you with general cyber security best practices recommendations for your company as well.

The results of this gap analysis will either help you in performing your own remediation plan, or you may opt to have Ecuron or another third-party perform the remediation for you. For subsequent help addressing the gaps found during this CMMC Gap Assessment, to develop policies and other required documentation, pick and implement suitable controls, and to become compliant with any of the 5 CMMC Levels, please see our CMMC Consulting Service.

We offer CMMC Consulting Services to get you CMMC compliant in 4 Steps:

  1. CMMC Gap Analysis / CMMC Gap Assessment
    See where your organization stands and what it takes to achieve compliance
  2. CMMC Implementation Help
    Based on the results of the first phase we will help you to close existing gaps by implementing suitable controls  and any missing requirements. This includes developing and writing the extensive documentation required.
  3. CMMC Pre-Assessment
    Think of it as a mock audit. We will verify that everything is in place, mature, and can be proven to an auditor. If we find issues we will help you fix them. Once we are confident that you are ready for the CMMC Assessment we will recommend to schedule the actual audit.
  4. CMMC Assessment Support
    We help you prepare for the certification audit, gather & organize evidence for a smooth assessment by the C3PAO. We will be at your side throughout the process.

Our pricing proposals are completely transparent, so you won’t get any surprises. Take the first step in aligning your information security requirements. To discuss your CMMC requirements and schedule a complimentary 15-30 min consultation, email us at cmmc@ecuron.com , use the form bellow, or give us a call.

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