New Cyber Threat Intelligence as a Service

Comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence as a Service

Ecuron offers sophisticated cyber threat intelligence as a service designed to provide organizations with a robust pro-active tool against evolving cyber threats and data breaches. Our service is a strategic asset that delivers operational insights by monitoring external threat landscapes and issuing timely alerts to safeguard your company. We draw information from a wide array of sources, including attack campaign reports, malware analysis, incident reports, and human behavior analysis, among others. This diverse data pool allows organizations to proactively detect and mitigate threats before they can cause significant damage.

Cyber Threat Intelligence as a Service by Ecuron

Ecuron’s Cyber Threat Intelligence as a Service Covers Four Categories of Threat Intelligence:

1. Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence:

Strategic cyber threat intelligence provides organizations with a high-level view of the cybersecurity threat intelligence landscape. It encompasses insights into emerging cyber threats, attack trends, and the potential financial impact of various cyber activities. Executives and management teams rely on this intelligence to assess current and future cyber risks, identify threat actors, and attribute security breaches accurately.

2. Tactical Threat Intelligence:

Tactical threat intelligence as a service offers in-depth information regarding the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) employed by threat actors during cyberattacks. This knowledge is invaluable for cybersecurity professionals as it reveals the technical intricacies, objectives, and attack vectors used by adversaries. It empowers security personnel to develop effective detection and mitigation strategies.

3. Operational Threat Intelligence:

Operational threat intelligence services provide contextual information about specific cyber threats and security incidents. This data aids in identifying potential risks, gaining deeper insights into attacker methodologies, and conducting cost-effective investigations. It strengthens incident response (IR) capabilities and enables organizations to predict and proactively mitigate future cyber attacks.

4. Technical Threat Intelligence:

Our technical cyber threat intelligence as a service focuses on the finer technical details of cyber threats, including the resources used by attackers such as command and control channels and tools. This intelligence is instrumental in rapid threat detection and response. Your organization’s security professionals can use it to bolster defensive systems by identifying specific Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) like malicious IP addresses, domains, phishing email attributes, and malware signatures.

This information helps security professionals add the identified IoCs to the defensive systems such as IPS, firewalls, and endpoint security systems, thereby enhancing the detection mechanisms used to identify the attacks at an early stage. It also helps to identify malicious traffic and suspected IP addresses used to spread malware and spam mails.

For example, a malware used to perform an attack is tactical threat intelligence, whereas the details related to the specific implementation of the malware fall under technical threat intelligence. Other examples of technical threat intelligence include specific IP addresses and domains used by malicious endpoints, phishing email headers, hash checksum of malware, etc.

Maximizing Security, Minimizing Risk:

Ecuron’s cyber threat intelligence as a service is a cornerstone of proactive cybersecurity. By harnessing data from diverse sources, our service enables informed decision-making, enhances threat detection capabilities, and fortifies organizations against data breaches. Ensure the safety of your digital assets with Ecuron and remain ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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