​​​​Vendor Risk Assessment

You invested heavily into protecting your data and networks from the outside world to ensure your data are secured well within your organization. But what about the data that are handled by your third party vendors? Unfortunately, your third-party vendors might not be as secure. Targeting these kinds of businesses is particularly attractive to hackers for a couple of reasons.

Vetting Third-Party Vendors Is Key for Security

Malicious actors can access a big company that has invested in their cybersecurity through a smaller, typically less secure one. For the hackers it comes with the added benefit that they can potentially access multiple enterprises through one common vendor, seizing control of more data with less work.

Consequently, third-party risk management is not a cybersecurity add-on; it’s an absolute necessity.

We will have a close look at vendor contracts and processes, then pinpoint where in the network there’s engagement. This information can be used to track performance and ultimately put standards in place to mitigate risks.

Clients who work with us have confidence their vendors and other third parties are handling information security to their own standards and can prove to current and prospective clients their information is safe.

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